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      How to write an admission note
      Common symbols used in medical notes
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      This section focuses on maximising your chances of getting your foot in the door by scoring an interview in your specialty of choice. Constructing a good CV is much more than just presenting what you’ve done in an ordered and aesthetically appealing manner. It is essential that you identify and highlight your accomplishments that will make you an attractive candidate. Writing your CV should also help determine what further steps you can take to improve your chances of getting into the specialty of your choice.

      It is important to realise that if are offered an interview, the selection panel will have your CV in front of them and will ask probing questions about whatever ...
      January 31, 2013  0

      Dr Scott Brennan is a remarkable person who has managed to compete at 3 Olympic Games in rowing (including winning a Gold M
      edal at the 2008 Games in Beijing) while still completing medical school and working as a Doctor. He was kind enough to share his experiences with MSO.

      Can you tell us a little about your background?

      I grew up in Hobart, going to a small school in our suburb of Lindisfarne and then onto St Virgil's college for grades 7-10 and then Guilford College grades 11-12, the change of schools for 11-12 being the norm for the Catholic system in Hobart. From there it was onto university of Tas for my medical degree. We lived a five minute jog away from the Lindisfarne rowing club and my parents still live in the same house, although it's changed a lot from ...
      January 30, 2013  1
      Making a good dermatology referral over the phone
      There are a few words a dermatologist likes to hear over the phone and which will indicate that you have at least some minute interest in the specialty. It’s like a mental diagnostic flow chart that allows the person on the other end of the phone to start thinking about the possible causes for the problem that you are describing. No the word is not ‘rash’ or ‘lesion’ or anything vague like that. First of all, is what you are seeing red ...
      March 1, 2012  10
      Training Structure

      After completing medical school in Australia, you will receive provisional medical registration from your State Medical Board. In order to receive full medical registration, you will need to spend one year as an intern (or PGY1 – Postgraduate Year 1).

      The intern year generally takes place in major public teaching hospitals, and you will rotate between clinical departments, within guidelines set by your State Postgraduate Medical Council. For example, in Victoria, an internship consists of at least 48 weeks of supervised clinical experience, comprising ...
      January 29, 2013  2
      How to write an effective admissions note
      The admission note for a patient is really important. For the nurses it signifies that the medical team treating the patient is aware of them and their current level of stability and that there is a plan in place for their admission. For the doctors involved in treatment it is one of the most read entries in the notes because it provides a summary of why the patient is in hospital, and their background. This is crucially important for an ...
      February 11, 2012  6
      Common symbols and diagrams used in the medical notes
      Everyone develops their own style for writing in the notes but these symbols and diagrams are fairly commonly recognised and effectively give a lot of information very quickly.

      January 21, 2012  24

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    MSO is a free online community for both medical and allied health students in Australia & NZ. Med Students Online provides a place for current students and doctors to discuss matters important to them. We also aid in the admissions process by providing information and discussion on the UMAT, GAMSAT and interviews. MSO also caters to medical science, dentistry, pharmacy and other allied health students.