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  1. The curse of good web serials

    by , 09-09-14 at 09:10 AM
    I've just finished reading a really good web serial. This is good news. I'd wholeheartedly recommend this web serial to anyone, and I usually hate superhero stories.

    The bad news is I've just spent the best part of the previous 5 months reading this web serial. With Uni students and time consuming non-uni-work, both can exist, so they're not Harry Potter and Voldemort. Unfortunately, they cannot exist very well together. That being said, I can feel a little less guilty, since I know ...

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  2. 13. Talking loud, not saying much.

    by , 27-08-14 at 12:41 AM (Journal)
    It's always a bit of a shock

    when I do something wrong.

    Glass slips, glass breaks. I hear the sound echo without resolve. I stare at the glass, I soak in liquid. I stare at the glass. Someone watches, and nudges forth a broom. I well up in embarrassment. I stare at the glass. I carry the broom heavy, I clean the mess. I get angry at being fallible. I stare at what once was. I dry off. I explain I didn't need a drink of water, I wasn't thirsty. And then I reach for
  3. 12. And through our travels we get separated, never forget.

    by , 27-08-14 at 12:38 AM (Journal)
    “Let everything happen to you

    Beauty and terror

    Just keep going

    No feeling is final.”

    ― Rainer Maria Rilke

    The arresting defeat of the swell seems less a victory than ever. The harsh morning air cutting against the sacks of lung shivering for breath. The sky blue and the motions unnerving, my balance in question as the city moved around me. I see faces rush past, some held in gaze, of other people lost at sea and
  4. hmmm

    by , 11-07-14 at 10:30 AM
    Pulled from a post that I now took it off

    Having read other peoples threads and the responses about HSFY/S1 mishaps, and experienced my own thoughts on those threads, they go something like this:
    It does not sit 100% right with me to do a paper that I wouldn't otherwise be that interested in (MAOR102) all because people say it is fairly easy to get A/A+ and it could help me get into med. I've always tried to base my paper choice on what I enjoy - and it seems to have worked so ...
  5. Year 2 semester 1 results

    by , 27-06-14 at 12:19 PM
    So I got 3x A- ....

    CHEM205 84% (damn so close to an A!) PHAL211 81% and BIOC221 80%

    Also from summer school so far this year I have MATH151 96%

    The A- curse!! I get so many A-'s in assignments, final grades - it is just unreal. Hopefully I can break this curse and get a few more A's or A+ next semester.

    So I feel a bit :| just realising how much I will have to work - and regretting not taking another 100 level paper this semester.
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