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  1. Ramblings

    by , 18-02-15 at 05:27 PM
    Only one more exam to go until summer semester at Griffith is finished! YUS!

    More than a year after having finished the IB itself, I can still recall, in perfect detail, all the stress, worry, and anxiety that was year 12 of high school. If you've successfully completed the IB without dropping down to Cert, I have to salute your dedication, as well as your masochistic tendencies. As for those currently doing the IB, I wish you.....luck. Rest assured, the light at the end of the tunnel ...
  2. Med school = sensory overload. And the semester hasnít even begun!

    by , 24-01-15 at 07:25 PM
    First things first. I was finally able to gain access to eMed (which is a website basically an aggregate of everything related to my med school) today, and submitted my hospital preferences. I did want to put Prince of Wales as my first preference, seeing as itís right next door to the uni and is connected to Sydney Childrenís Hospital, but POW is understandably the most popular choice, and statistically I have a pretty low shot at getting it. With this in mind, I put St Vincent as my first choice, ...
  3. Adelaide vs Griffith

    by , 23-01-15 at 01:15 AM
    Hi guys

    I just received my interview for Adelaide uni MBBS program a few days ago. However I already got Griffith uni provisional entry med at Gold Coast through both QTAC and UAC. I'm having trouble deciding which to choose if I get into Adelaide. Any thoughts?
  4. 2015 is off to a good start.

    by , 22-01-15 at 08:33 PM
    SoÖ.I got in medicine. It's still rather surreal to think that I never have to sit the UMAT again, nor will I have to spend agonising sleepless nights wondering when, if ever, I was going to get into medicine.

    UNSW Medicine Class of 2020. That feels amazing to type. Me! I'm gonna be a doctor! Half of me is wondering what on earth the interviewers saw in me, while the other half is feeling so, so grateful that whatever they saw in me was enough for them to give me a chance. ...
  5. Mathematics at Otago

    by , 03-01-15 at 01:51 PM (MedMathematician)
    There isnít much information on Mathematics at Otago seeing this is more of a Health Sciences website, so I thought I should write something about it. Please note, this is from my experience (2013 and 2014) and some things may have changed.

    Overview of my Degree
    I essentially completed a math degree in 2 years, which is possible with many degrees at Otago (although course advisors usually donít like it and asks you Ďwhyí a lot). You just have to arrange your papers right, ...
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