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  1. Statistical significance

    by , 06-11-14 at 08:10 PM (Down the rabbit-hole)
    Ok, so I'm someone who gets jaded really easily, keep that in mind while reading the following.

    I've done two summer studentships, have just about finished my B.Med.Sc (Hons) thesis, and have earned some $$ doing data collection for nation-wide studies. So I'm hardly a seasoned scientist, but I guess for an undergrad-entry medical student I'm doing alright on the science front.

    And wow.

    I'm loving research. It lets me use big words, and I can now nod at the ...
  2. Should I even want to follow this dream? Extremely frustrated.

    by , 03-10-14 at 07:18 PM
    Very tired. Extreme to the max. Realising that I did not meet the entry requirement for the holy grail of a shot at Medicine. Have been always wanting to be a doctor since young.

    In the past even when I was working in a different field I did not want to give up going to be doctor. Still wanting to become a doctor and nothing else. So I move countries, in the midst of wanting to enter this university for a shot. Yet everytime the admission criteria changes and my grades did not even ...
  3. UMAT didn't go so well.

    by , 20-09-14 at 10:05 PM
    So I'm writing this because I'm procrastinating, but also because I logged on today and saw that there were a fair few people who were let down by their UMAT score, and some very happy with their scores. Firstly, congratulations to those reading this who managed to go well. It's an amazing feat and not many can say they've done well. You guys can run along now, because I want to talk to the other 90%.

    You're not happy. In fact, you might be mourning. You're not feeling this because ...
  4. The curse of good web serials

    by , 09-09-14 at 09:10 AM
    I've just finished reading a really good web serial. This is good news. I'd wholeheartedly recommend this web serial to anyone, and I usually hate superhero stories.

    The bad news is I've just spent the best part of the previous 5 months reading this web serial. With Uni students and time consuming non-uni-work, both can exist, so they're not Harry Potter and Voldemort. Unfortunately, they cannot exist very well together. That being said, I can feel a little less guilty, since I know ...

    Updated 09-09-14 at 01:39 PM by HelloWorld

  5. 13. Talking loud, not saying much.

    by , 27-08-14 at 12:41 AM (Journal)
    It's always a bit of a shock

    when I do something wrong.

    Glass slips, glass breaks. I hear the sound echo without resolve. I stare at the glass, I soak in liquid. I stare at the glass. Someone watches, and nudges forth a broom. I well up in embarrassment. I stare at the glass. I carry the broom heavy, I clean the mess. I get angry at being fallible. I stare at what once was. I dry off. I explain I didn't need a drink of water, I wasn't thirsty. And then I reach for
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