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  1. I did not love second year....but I passed!

    by , 07-04-14 at 01:19 AM (Still Thinking...)
    If you've not seen me online for a while, that's because I haven't been online much unless I'm at the awake-but-incapable-of study stage of transient viral illness or insomnia, or on holidays (like now)

    I think it's in all our interests if gloss over the horrors of second year for me, but I'll say a bit about it in case it can be helpful or encouraging to anyone:

    I had a pretty crap time of it for a number of small and large reasons, some within ...
  2. Death, Tragedy and Suffering

    by , 05-03-14 at 10:35 PM (This Scatter'd Corn)
    I have taught a fair number of medical students over the past few years, which is something I have enjoyed a great deal. I can answer a lot of their questions, when they have questions I canít answer we both end up learning something. Itís harder when they ask questions without definite answers. Especially in my new job (I am being a paediatric neurosurgery registrar this year) there are some life and family shattering situations. Why do these tumours cause hydrocephalus? Easy. Why did this little ...
  3. My introduction to clinical years

    by , 01-03-14 at 03:12 PM
    Not sure how to feel, but my first few weeks on the wards have been interesting. Being on an oncology rotation first-up I can't say I didn't expect it (I certainly did), but I don't think any amount of pre-contemplation prepared me for the real deal: when a patient passes away in front of your eyes.

    Now in the "predictable" pre-clinical environment I wasn't really phased emotionally by much, the Aussie notion of "grin and bear it" was really the way to get through. ...

    Updated 01-03-14 at 09:32 PM by life of pi

    Part of a journey
  4. For those out there doing CIE/GCE A Levels

    by , 15-02-14 at 10:04 PM
    With the growing numbers of CIE A level students I believe the following would be helpful.

    I will continue to update this in the next few days as I only have so much time to type these now.

    Information on applying to medical schools with CIE A levels are scattered in various places and therefore the following is a guide I made for A level students and hopefully it will be helpful. The following information is what I find around the net as well as ...

    Updated 15-02-14 at 10:11 PM by Boom

  5. Blaming the process

    by , 23-01-14 at 11:26 AM
    This is my first blog. I apologise if itís shit. I also apologise if Iím not allowed to swear, but Iím assuming I am so Iím rolling with it. It's also long. What can I say, I'm a passionate gal.

    Latching on to the latter end of the crazy ride that we like to call Ďoffers seasoní, I thought Iíd capitalise on what Iíve found to be a common sentiment on the forums at the moment: disappointment from missing out, tinged with perhaps a tiny bit of bitterness. No oneís blaming you for this, ...

    Updated 24-02-14 at 10:31 PM by lumos

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