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  1. hmmm

    by , 11-07-14 at 10:30 AM
    Pulled from a post that I now took it off

    Having read other peoples threads and the responses about HSFY/S1 mishaps, and experienced my own thoughts on those threads, they go something like this:
    It does not sit 100% right with me to do a paper that I wouldn't otherwise be that interested in (MAOR102) all because people say it is fairly easy to get A/A+ and it could help me get into med. I've always tried to base my paper choice on what I enjoy - and it seems to have worked so ...
  2. Year 2 semester 1 results

    by , 27-06-14 at 12:19 PM
    So I got 3x A- ....

    CHEM205 84% (damn so close to an A!) PHAL211 81% and BIOC221 80%

    Also from summer school so far this year I have MATH151 96%

    The A- curse!! I get so many A-'s in assignments, final grades - it is just unreal. Hopefully I can break this curse and get a few more A's or A+ next semester.

    So I feel a bit :| just realising how much I will have to work - and regretting not taking another 100 level paper this semester.
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  3. My Quest for graduate entry :)

    by , 13-06-14 at 09:06 PM
    Hey so I've used this site quite a bit but thought I might post a few Qs/my story.

    I'm at Otago, I'm originally from the UK, I did 6th & 7th form in the UK which included NO maths, physics or Chem :S I just took Human biology, arts and social sciences. Had 3 years break in which I did personal training stuff, moved to NZ and then decided to do HSFY. I'm also dyslexic.

    So HSFY was HARD especially without a strong science background and I didn't go into a hall either. ...
  4. To live and let live

    by , 23-05-14 at 05:24 PM
    Firstly, I know that I do not speak as the locals do. I do not have the local accent, the local "spice", and that made me an instant outsider, and someone foreign to many of my patients I have met over my course of work in the wards, the emergency department etc.
    I arrived in this place, far away from the land of my birth, as part of the wave of families that were invited in under the skilled immigrant category, and hence, did not fully grew up in australasia. I picked up the local ...
  5. I did not love second year....but I passed!

    by , 07-04-14 at 01:19 AM (Still Thinking...)
    If you've not seen me online for a while, that's because I haven't been online much unless I'm at the awake-but-incapable-of study stage of transient viral illness or insomnia, or on holidays (like now)

    I think it's in all our interests if gloss over the horrors of second year for me, but I'll say a bit about it in case it can be helpful or encouraging to anyone:

    I had a pretty crap time of it for a number of small and large reasons, some within ...
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